Tips and known limitations

Follow these tips to ensure your AMP emails render correctly and consistently across all platforms and browsers that Gmail supports.

  • The summary text displayed next to the subject line when viewing emails in your inbox (preheader) is based on the text/html or text/plain part of your email and doesn't take the text/x-amp-html part into account.

  • Gmail's search feature currently doesn't index the dynamic parts of the email. Make sure the text/html or text/plain part of the email contains the most important keywords to ensure users can find your emails easily.

  • Email Markup and Promotions Annotations are parsed from the text/html part of the email and ignored in the text/x-amp-html part.

  • Because dynamic emails contain up-to-date content, users may end up with identical emails within the same thread. Gmail supports a mechanism to prevent the display of these emails in long threads, by hyper-collapsing duplicate emails. To ensure that emails are recognized as duplicates, add in a meta tag called "email.contentIds" into the AMP markup.

      <meta name="email.contentIds" content="id1,id2,id3">

    The content of this meta tag should contain a comma separated list of strings identifying duplicate dynamic emails. Subsequent emails within the same thread containing the same content IDs will be hyper-collapsed accordingly.