Actions in the Inbox

Registering with Google

We are excited to see how you plan to use schemas in email. You can start testing your own integration today. All schemas you send to yourself (from to will be displayed in Google products. So go ahead and try it out now!

When you are ready to launch your marked up emails to your users, you will need to register with Google. Registration applies to all metadata embedded in your email to Gmail, and applies to all use cases across Google. Just fill out the registration form.

Registration Guidelines

In order for the schema you send to be processed, the following guidelines must be met:

  • Emails must be authenticated via DKIM or SPF
  • Your domain of the DKIM or SPF signatures must match the domain of your From: email address exactly. eg for From: the DKIM must be for the domain and not a subdomain such as
  • Emails must come from a static email address, eg
  • Emails must follow general email guidelines
  • Actions have more requirements:
    1. The highest-fidelity action available should be used. For example, if an interaction can be achieved by an In-App Action (One-Click, RSVP, Review), that must be used. For more complex interactions, Go-To Actions can be used.
    2. Actions should be used for transactional mail where a high interaction rate is expected. They should not be used on promotional bulk mail.
    3. Go-To Actions:
      • Must deep link into the specific page on which the action can be performed.
      • Label of button needs to reflect clear action to be taken and must be true to page the user is going to
      • Label of action should not contain punctuation or all caps. Must be short and concise.
      • If an In-App action can be used for your usecase you must use the In-App action and not the Go-To action.
      • We are currently only approving Go-To actions for very specific high-value usecase with high interaction rate (eg. Flight Check-in, Shipment tracking links)
    4. Low failure rate and fast response for services handling Action Requests.

Authentication required

You need to be signed in with Google+ to do that.

Signing you in...

Google Developers needs your permission to do that.