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by launching on MyGlass
Distribute to Glass users
MyGlass is the definitive place for users to discover and install GDK and Mirror API Glassware.
We distribute only well-designed Glassware that passes our tests, so make sure to follow best
practices and complete the launch checklist before submitting.

Follow best practices

Make sure you follow our best practices to ensure the review process goes smoothly.

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Complete the launch checklist

The checklist describes some of the criteria that we check when we review your Glassware.

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Submit your Glassware

When you're certain your Glassware is ready, send it on over with our submission form.

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Get feedback from the team

Our team uses your Glassware like users would and sends you feedback on how to make it better before you launch.

Distributing to enterprise users?

If you're developing enterprise Glassware and want to become a Glass Certifed Partner, or if you're an enterprise looking for Glass Certifed Partner developers, check out the Glass at Work program.