Walmyr Carvalho

Walmyr Carvalho


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Android Application Architecture
  • Android User Interface/User Experience Design
  • Support Libraries
  • Testing
  • Community Management
  • Public Speaking


Walmyr is an Android developer and designer born in Brasilia, but currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been working with Android for more than 6 years (his first phone was a Motorola Dext with Cupcake (Android 1.5)), creating quality projects for companies and startups such as Hotel Urbano, Globo.com and Google. His mission is to create applications that people love to use, always seeking for the best design and development practices.

Walmyr loves communities and thinks that all good knowledge must be shared. He's a former GDG Rio de Janeiro member, started and co-organize Android Meetup Rio de Janeiro and Android Dev BR, the biggest brazilian/portuguese-speaking Android community on Slack, with more than 1000 members. He also like to give talks, attend at conferences, write blog posts and try to give back to Android community as much as possible.

Besides work and community, Walmyr loves his girlfriend and family, his cats, gaming and travel around the world to meet new places and people.