Martin Splitt

Martin Splitt

Web Technologies

Zürich, Switzerland


  • Polymer
  • Web Components
  • Web Performance
  • WebGL
  • WebVR
  • Three.js
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Firebase
  • Google Maps
  • Chromecast


Martin is a software engineer, open source contributor and "open web cheerleader".

When not building software with his team, he organises events for the local WebZürich community, writes blog posts and articles or travels to conferences to share ideas, experiences and knowledge. He has been contributing to W3C standards, given countless conference talks and workshops and is always looking for ways to move the web platform forward.

Martin is pretty decent at humaning and pretty good at computering,

so he decided to use his computering to improve his and other's humaning.

He loves the open web and open source and helps to make things better with, but not limited to, code.