Kshitiz Rimal

Kshitiz Rimal

Machine Learning

Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning


Kshitiz Rimal is an AI Developer and Researcher from Nepal, particularly focused in the field of Deep Learning. He has been developing projects, organizing workshops and hands-on sessions on Deep Learning in Nepal via the not-for-profit research organization called Artificial Intelligence for Development, of which he is Head of Research and a Co-founder. He is also an experienced full stack developer and UI/UX designer of around 8 years of professional experience. His works generally involved in developing AI systems that can have positive impact on our community and solve existing problems in our society, in the fields such as: Accessibility, Disaster relief and Prevention, Assisting Government Technologies, all using Artificial Intelligence. He is also an Intel AI Ambassador for Nepal, CityAI Ambassador for Kathmandu City and Fast.ai International Fellow.