Emil Lamprecht

Emil Lamprecht

User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Sprint Master

Berlin, Germany


  • Google certified Sprint Master
  • Growth Mechanics
  • Early Stage Startup Development
  • Testing Constructs
  • User Research
  • Marketing Funnel Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Organization Structure
  • Tactics That Scale


3 time founder and CEO of Growth Mechanics, Emil Lamprecht draws on a diverse personal and professional background to actively mentor over 100 startups each year.

A highschool dropout with teenage careers as a juggler and competitive fighter, Emil went on to design toys for the world’s biggest Yo-yo manufacturer before founding media companies and later moving into technology.

Emil was the UX mind and marketer behind Europe’s #1 edtech company, CareerFoundry's UX course, and the manager of Google’s Laucnhpadx program.

“Emil Lamprecht is a master craftsman of entrepreneurship, holding a tool box with everything you need to build a castle and bring customers to it.”

Shkelzen Marku, Co-founder & Regional Director at Yunus Social Business Balkans