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Improving education through apps

Use Google's latest technology to design, develop and distribute your apps for education.

Google Play for Education

If you've built an Android or Chrome app that would be great for schools — or even have an idea for one — you should learn more about Google Play for Education. Google Play for Education is a destination for educators that allows them to easily discover, purchase, and deploy apps to their students with just a few clicks. Google Play for Education helps your apps gain visibility with the right audiences, without having to knock on school doors.

Android devices with education apps

Android apps for education

Android apps are easily discovered by educators through Google Play for Education, Google’s content destination just for schools. Google Play for Education has a range of educational apps in an ever-growing catalogue across grades and subjects.

Bring your educational app into the school and help transform learning. Learn more at

Chrome education apps image

Chrome apps for education

Students in over 10,000 schools around the world are now using Chromebooks, and Chrome apps play an important role in educating them. Start developing web apps for schools.

If you already have a Chrome application and would like to add it to Google Play for Education, Google’s exclusive content destination just for schools, review the Guidelines and follow the instructions to publish your Chrome app. Although some Android apps can run on Chrome, these apps are not yet available through Google Play for Education.

Integrating with Google Apps for Education

Over 30 million students and teachers around the world use Google Apps for Education to communicate and work together. Integrating directly with Drive, Docs, and Sheets allows you to reach these users, right where they’re working. And schools love single sign-on — when students log into their Google Apps accounts, they can log into their apps simultaneously.

  • Apps Platform — You can create add-ons that add functionality right into Google Docs, Sheets,and Forms, or you can submit an app to the Apps Marketplace. Learn more.
  • Drive Platform — The Drive platform is more than just storage. You can build Drive Apps that teach the millions of people who use Google Drive every day to manage work, school, and life. Learn more.
  • Admin Platform — Integrate with the Admin SDK to help schools manage users, groups, devices, policies and apps. Learn more.
  • Classroom Platform — Use the share intent to help students attach links, videos, images, or PDF files to their Classroom assignments from their mobile devices. Learn More

Developer resources

Google has created courses to help developers learning to code. Check out these free online courses to learn more:

You can also search our directory for the latest in Computer Science curricula.

To learn more about an educator's view of Google for Education, review the public site for users.