Google for Education focuses on creating educational experiences for over 120 million students and teachers all over the world. In concert with developers, we work to foster multifaceted learning experiences through solutions like Google Classroom, Google Workspace for Education, Google Expeditions and a diverse ecosystem of Android and Chrome OS apps. We support student learning, academic research and university infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform. Our products, when put into the hands of educators and students, open new opportunities for teaching and learning.

Google for Education has programs and resources designed to support developers that create content, technology, and tools integrated with Google for Education products to ensure we jointly create a seamless user experience for educators and students, from app distribution, to single sign-on.

Meet education users where they are

If you're a developer that builds for learning environments, you can integrate with the Google for Education products used most by students and educators globally.

Use Google Sign-In for frictionless user authentication, embed your applications into Google Docs with Apps Script, or use the Admin SDK to provide a truly seamless learning experience.

More than 40 million students and teachers use Google Classroom to communicate, distribute assignments, and stay organized. With Classroom’s API, you can make it easy for users to share content to Classroom, and sync rosters and assignments with your application.

Hundreds of education applications work with Google Classroom. These integrations save teachers and students time, and make it easy to share information between Classroom and their favorite apps.

To most effectively reach schools, make sure your solutions work well on Chromebooks, used by over 40 million students and the #1 selling device in K-12 schools in the US, Canada, Sweden, Benelux, and New Zealand.

Chromebooks come in various form factors with easy deployment and management capabilities. Chromebooks support Android apps, progressive web apps, and Chrome extensions that open up new doors for students and teachers to discover and adopt your learning solutions.

Build your EdTech app on Google technology

Cloud computing has transformed the way students learn and educators teach over the past decade. From building the next generation digital library to creating scalable learning apps, education technology companies are rapidly developing innovative cloud-based solutions for students, educators, and administrators alike.

By building with Google Cloud, EdTech companies can cost-efficiently scale and secure their applications with the support of Google behind them.

Google Cloud’s Partner Advantage has an Education Build track. This designation is for developers that create content, technology, and tools that are well integrated with Google for Education products.

As an Education Build partner, you receive access to dedicated developer relations support and resources as well as marketing benefits in the form of an Education Build badge, partnership branding support, and participation in co-marketing activities.

Firebase provides tools to develop high-quality cross-platform apps while growing your user base. Firebase covers the essentials of app development so you can focus on your business and building seamless solutions for education users.

Reach more customers

Are you a family-friendly developer interested in reaching parents and caregivers outside of the classroom? The family discovery experience in Google Play is a great way to surface your family-oriented apps. Learn how to opt-in to the Designed for Families program.
Inspire the next generation with a collection of creativity tools for Chromebooks, all easily purchased and managed at scale with Google Admin Console.
The Chromebook App Hub is an online resource to help educators, administrators and developers work together to learn about Chromebook apps and activity ideas for schools. Explore ideas and apps to inspire budding digital citizens, scientists, and world explorers.