MODIS 1-year NBAR Mosaic

Dataset Availability
2000-02-18T00:00:00 - 2017-03-14T00:00:00
Dataset Provider
Baccini, A. (Woods Hole Research Center), Sulla-Menashe, D. (Boston University)
Earth Engine Snippet
modis-derived albedo mcd43a4 nbar reflectance whrc bu annual


The mosaics are created by using the MODIS 8-Day 500 meter BRDF-Albedo Quality product. Data Quality flags are used to select the best observations from the MODIS 8-day 500 meter Nadir BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance imagery product. This specific mosaic picks observations from the three highest quality categories over a 1-year period of MODIS data.

The MODIS NBAR annual mosaics have been used by government agencies and NGOs in tropical countries as input to generate aboveground biomass/carbon maps. The Woods Hole Research Center has been using the dataset for country capacity building and technical training workshops in tropical countries.

Explore in Earth Engine

var dataset = ee.ImageCollection("WHBU/NBAR_3YEAR");

Map.addLayer(dataset.mean(), {min:0, max:7000});