OpenET CONUS PT-JPL Monthly Evapotranspiration v2.0

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conus evapotranspiration gridmet-derived landsat-derived monthly openet water


Priestley-Taylor Jet Propulsion Laboratory (PT-JPL)

The core formulation of the PT-JPL model within the OpenET framework has not changed from the original formulation detailed in Fisher et al. (2008). However, enhancements and updates to model inputs and time integration for PT-JPL were made to take advantage of contemporary gridded weather datasets, provide consistency with other models, improve open water evaporation estimates, and account for advection over crop and wetland areas in semiarid and arid environments. These changes include the use of Landsat surface reflectance and thermal radiation for calculating net radiation, photosynthetically active radiation, plant canopy and moisture variables, and use of NLDAS, Spatial CIMIS, and gridMET weather data for estimating insolation and ASCE reference ET. Similar to the implementation of other OpenET models, estimation of daily and monthly time integrated ET is based on the fraction of ASCE reference ET. Open water evaporation is estimated following a surface energy balance approach of Abdelrady et al. (2016) that is specific for water bodies by accounting for water heat flux as opposed to soil heat flux.

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30 meters


Name Units Description
et mm

PT-JPL ET value

count count

Number of cloud free values

Image Properties

Image Properties

Name Type Description
build_date STRING

Date assets were built

cloud_cover_max DOUBLE

Maximum CLOUD_COVER_LAND percent value for Landsat images included in interpolation

collections STRING

List of Landsat collections for Landsat images included in the interpolation

core_version STRING

OpenET core library version

end_date STRING

End date of month

et_reference_band STRING

Band in et_reference_source that contains the daily reference ET data

et_reference_resample STRING

Spatial interpolation mode to resample daily reference ET data

et_reference_source STRING

Collection ID for the daily reference ET data

interp_days DOUBLE

Maximum number of days before and after each image date to include in interpolation

interp_method STRING

Method used to interpolate between Landsat model estimates

interp_source_count DOUBLE

Number of available images in the interpolation source image collection for the target month

mgrs_tile STRING

MGRS grid zone ID

model_name STRING

OpenET model name

model_version STRING

OpenET model version

scale_factor_count DOUBLE

Scaling factor that should be applied to the count band

scale_factor_et DOUBLE

Scaling factor that should be applied to the et band

start_date STRING

Start date of month

Terms of Use

Terms of Use



  • Fisher, J.B., Tu, K.P. and Baldocchi, D.D., 2008. Global estimates of the land–atmosphere water flux based on monthly AVHRR and ISLSCP-II data, validated at 16 FLUXNET sites. Remote Sensing of Environment, 112(3), pp.901-919. doi:10.1016/j.rse.2007.06.025

  • Abdelrady, A., Timmermans, J., Vekerdy, Z. and Salama, M., 2016. Surface energy balance of fresh and saline waters: AquaSEBS. Remote sensing, 8(7), p.583. doi:10.3390/rs8070583


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var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('OpenET/PTJPL/CONUS/GRIDMET/MONTHLY/v2_0')
  .filterDate('2020-01-01', '2021-01-01');

// Compute the annual evapotranspiration (ET) as the sum of the monthly ET
// images for the year.
var et ='et').sum();

var visualization = {
  min: 0,
  max: 1400,
  palette: [
    '9e6212', 'ac7d1d', 'ba9829', 'c8b434', 'd6cf40', 'bed44b', '9fcb51',
    '80c256', '61b95c', '42b062', '45b677', '49bc8d', '4dc2a2', '51c8b8',
    '55cece', '4db4ba', '459aa7', '3d8094', '356681', '2d4c6e',

Map.setCenter(-100, 38, 5);

Map.addLayer(et, visualization, 'OpenET PT-JPL Annual ET');
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