NASADEM: NASA NASADEM Digital Elevation 30m

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NASADEM is a reprocessing of STRM data, with improved accuracy by incorporating auxiliary data from ASTER GDEM, ICESat GLAS, and PRISM datasets.

The most significant processing improvements involve void reduction through improved phase unwrapping and using ICESat GLAS data for control.



30 meters


Name Units Min Max Description
elevation m -512* 8768*

Integer heights in the merged void-free DEM files are relative to the EGM96 geoid (whereas the floating-point heights in the SRTM-only DEM files are relative to the WGS84 ellipsoid).

num 0 255

Index indicating the data source and the number of source scenes.

  • 0: Water in corrected SRTM water body data
  • 1-23: SRTM 1-23 (max known is 23)
  • 41-94: PRISM 1-50 (54 max polar, 37 max elsewhere)
  • 110-160: GDEM3 (saturated at 50)
  • 170-220: GDEM2 (saturated at 50)
  • 231: SRTMv3 from GDEM3
  • 232: SRTMv2 from GDEM3
  • 233: SRTMv2 from GDEM2
  • 234: SRTM-with-NGA-fill from GDEM2
  • 241: NED from GDEM2 (USA)
  • 242: NED from GDEM3 (USA)
  • 243: CDED from GDEM2 (Canada)
  • 244: CDED from GDEM3 (Canada)
  • 245: Alaska from GDEM2 (Alaska)
  • 246: Alaska from GDEM3 (Alaska)
  • 250: Interpolation
  • 251: Quad edge averaged where two neighboring quads disagreed (generally a GDEM error)
  • 255: ERROR (if NUM IS MISSING - none known to exist)
swb 0 255

Updated SRTM water body data

  • 0: Land
  • 255: Water
* estimated min or max value

swb Class Table

Value Color Description
0 brown Land
255 cadetblue Water

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Unless otherwise noted, all NASA-produced data may be used for any purpose without prior permission. For more information and exceptions visit the NASA Data & Information Policy page.



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Code Editor (JavaScript)

// Import the dataset and select the elevation band.
var dataset = ee.Image('NASA/NASADEM_HGT/001');
var elevation ='elevation');

// Add a white background image to the map.
var background = ee.Image(1);
Map.addLayer(background, {min: 0, max: 1});

// Set elevation visualization properties.
var elevationVis = {
  min: 0,
  max: 2000,

// Set elevation <= 0 as transparent and add to the map.
Map.addLayer(elevation.updateMask(, elevationVis, 'Elevation');
Map.setCenter(17.93, 7.71, 2);
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