MYD11A1.005 Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Daily Global 1 km Grid SIN [deprecated]

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The MODIS/Aqua Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity (LST/E) product, MYD11A1, provides per-pixel temperature and emissivity values, which are produced daily using the generalized split-window LST algorithm. This algorithm is optimally used to separate ranges of atmospheric column water vapor and lower boundary air surface temperatures into tractable sub-ranges. The surface emissivities in bands 31 and 32 are estimated from land cover types.

The V5 MYD11A1 products are projected in a Sinusoidal grid by mapping the level-2 LST product (MYD11_L2) on 1-kilometer (precisely 0.928-km) grids. The MYD11A1 product comprises the following Science Data Set (SDS) layers for daytime and nighttime observations: LSTs, quality control assessments, observation times, view zenith angles, clear sky coverages, and bands 31 and 32 emissivities from land cover types.

The V5 Aqua/MODIS LST/E products, including MYD11A1, are validated to Stage-2 through field campaigns and radiance-based validation studies.

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