MCD43C3.061 BRDF/Albedo Daily L3 0.05 Deg CMG

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The MCD43C3 Version 6.1 Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function and Albedo (BRDF/Albedo) Albedo dataset is produced daily using 16 days of Terra and Aqua MODIS data in a 0.05 degree (5,600 meters at the equator) Climate Modeling Grid (CMG). Data are temporally weighted to the ninth day of the retrieval period which is reflected in the Julian date in the file name. This CMG product covers the entire globe for use in climate simulation models.

MCD43C3 provides black-sky albedo (directional hemispherical reflectance) and white-sky albedo (bihemispherical reflectance) at local solar noon. Black-sky albedo and white-sky albedo values are available as a separate layer for MODIS spectral bands 1 through 7 as well as the visible, near infrared (NIR), and shortwave bands. Along with the 20 albedo layers are ancillary layers for quality, local solar noon, percent finer resolution inputs, snow cover, and uncertainty.

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5600 meters


Name Units Min Max Scale Wavelength Description
Albedo_BSA_Band1 0 32766 0.001 620-670nm

Black-sky albedo for band 1

Albedo_BSA_Band2 0 32766 0.001 841-876nm

Black-sky albedo for band 2

Albedo_BSA_Band3 0 32766 0.001 459-479nm

Black-sky albedo for band 3

Albedo_BSA_Band4 0 32766 0.001 545-565nm

Black-sky albedo for band 4

Albedo_BSA_Band5 0 32766 0.001 1230-1250nm

Black-sky albedo for band 5

Albedo_BSA_Band6 0 32766 0.001 1628-1652nm

Black-sky albedo for band 6

Albedo_BSA_Band7 0 32766 0.001 2105-2155nm

Black-sky albedo for band 7

Albedo_BSA_vis 0 32766 0.001

Black-sky albedo for visible brodband

Albedo_BSA_nir 0 32766 0.001 858nm

Black-sky albedo for NIR broadband

Albedo_BSA_shortwave 0 32766 0.001

Black-sky albedo for shortwave broadband

Albedo_WSA_Band1 0 32766 0.001 620-670nm

White-sky albedo for band 1

Albedo_WSA_Band2 0 32766 0.001 841-876nm

White-sky albedo for band 2

Albedo_WSA_Band3 0 32766 0.001 459-479nm

White-sky albedo for band 3

Albedo_WSA_Band4 0 32766 0.001 545-565nm

White-sky albedo for band 4

Albedo_WSA_Band5 0 32766 0.001 1230-1250nm

White-sky albedo for band 5

Albedo_WSA_Band6 0 32766 0.001 1628-1652nm

White-sky albedo for band 6

Albedo_WSA_Band7 0 32766 0.001 2105-2155nm

White-sky albedo for band 7

Albedo_WSA_vis 0 32766 0.001

White-sky albedo for visible broadband

Albedo_WSA_nir 0 32766 0.001 858nm

White-sky albedo for NIR broadband

Albedo_WSA_shortwave 0 32766 0.001

White-sky albedo for shortwave broadband


Global albedo quality

Local_Solar_Noon deg 0 90

Local solar noon zenith angle

Percent_Inputs % 0 100

Percent of the processed finer resolution data which contributed to this CMG pixel

Percent_Snow % 0 100

Percent of underlying data flagged as snow

BRDF_Albedo_Uncertainty 0 32766 0.001

BRDF inversion information. Weights of determination (WoD) of the white sky albedo (see Lucht, W., & Lewis, P. (2000). Theoretical noise sensitivity of BRDF and albedo retrieval from the EOS-MODIS and MISR sensors with respect to angular sampling. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 21(1), 81-98). WoDs give a measure of the uncertainty due to the angular sampling of the inputs available for each retrieval.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

MODIS data and products acquired through the LP DAAC have no restrictions on subsequent use, sale, or redistribution.




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var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/061/MCD43C3')
                  .filter('2018-01-01', '2018-05-01'));
var blackSkyAlbedo ='Albedo_BSA_Band1');
var blackSkyAlbedoVis = {
  min: 0.0,
  max: 400.0,
Map.setCenter(6.746, 46.529, 6);
Map.addLayer(blackSkyAlbedo, blackSkyAlbedoVis, 'Black-Sky Albedo');
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