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Tomas Trajan
Zurich, Switzerland



My Biography

Tomas is a Fullstack Software Engineer with a weak spot for frontend and especially Angular. His humble beginnings as a graphic designer can explain his strong affinity for the frontend even though he doesn't shy from complex backends be it nodejs or Java. Originally from Kosice Slovakia, Angular JS was the technology which enabled him to provide value to the developer teams in Switzerland and eventually travel around the world while working on open source and blogging about the Angular and other frontend technologies. He strives to empower teams he is working with by building tools, introducing best practices and work flows that automate the mundane and enable full focus on creating value for the end users. While acknowledging that as of 2018, it is possible to develop robust web applications using any of the available open source frameworks, he prefers to work with Angular & Typescript because they are the best fit for large teams and complex realities of big enterprise organizations. When not working, Tomas enjoys exploring the world, preferably from the back of a rented scooter in a remote location. Playing old school (90s) computer games and listening to audiobooks.