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Tanmay Bakshi
Toronto, Canada


Machine Learning

My Biography

Tanmay Bakshi is a 15-year-old Canadian author, Machine Learning Developer, TED & Keynote Speaker and a media personality. Tanmay has been coding since he was 5 years old. Till date, he’s addressed over 200,000 people at international conferences, speaking about Computational Thinking, The 4th Industrial Revolution, Machine Learning, and Innovation. He released his first iOS App when he was 9 years old, and has been working with Machine Learning technology since he was 11. He supports and contributes to open-source initiatives and projects. In fact, AskTanmay, his first ML powered application, is open source. AskTanmay is a Natural Language Question Answering (NLQA) system that can find precise answers to questions from Google search results. His heart lies in creating machine learning-based systems that can benefit fields like Healthcare and Education. His goal to reach out to 100,000 aspiring coders to help them learn how to code has him holding countless workshops and seminars in schools and universities across the globe. His passion project is Tanmay Teaches, his YouTube channel, where he shares his learning in fields ranging from Machine Learning and Algorithms, to Coding. He is the recipient of the Twilio Doer Award, Knowledge Ambassador Award, he’s a Global Goodwill Ambassador at LinkedIn, and an IBM Champion for Cloud. He also contributes his time as a Computational Thinking Coach at The 4th Industrial Revolution Organization and as the advisor and lead faculty at Grad Valley Data Science. For fun, he loves to play Table Tennis, and bikes when the Canadian weather allows for it.