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Sourabh Choraria
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Google Workspace

My Biography

I was introduced to the world of Google Apps Script back in 2017 and ever since, it has been an amazing journey towards getting to understand the possibilities it entails when it comes to simple automations, workflow optimizations and improving overall efficiency. I'm not a coder/programmer by trade but much later, I started contributing on Stack Overflow to get as much exposure to different kinds of problems as possible. Right around when I started to share my ramblings with the world over at '' (mid-2019), I also had the opportunity to become a contributor to Apps Script Pulse (maintained by G Suite GDE Martin Hawksey). I've always been good with Spreadsheet formulas but even as someone who doesn't necessarily come with a strong coding/technical background, G Suite tools made it so much more easier and seamless to connect one another and build stuff the way any product/engineering team would. This inspired me to connect different SaaS tools that have APIs or other forms to integrate too. A few personal milestones for me were when I was able to launch an open-source tool on Product Hunt that was powered by Apps Script and Sheets, create a Data Studio community connector and also successfully publish an add-on to the G Suite Marketplace.