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Samuel Marks
Sydney, NSW, Australia


Machine Learning

My Biography

Engineer, open-source advocate, PhD candidate, charity and consultancy owner. Charitable research is completely open-source and patent-free, and uses TensorFlow, Angular, TPUs (TensorFlow Research Cloud) and Android—amongst others—to facilitate very large-scale medical diagnostic screening. The attachments I invented turn smartphones into ophthalmoscopes (medical devices), capable of viewing the back of the eye (fundus). Giving these devices away at my expense… looking at Vietnam and Nepal in 2020. Consultancy is open-source R&D focussed, engineering compilers in Java, Kotlin, Swift, Rust and TypeScript—soon Dart and Go also—and contributing majorly to distributed systems like Apache Mesos and Kubernetes (decoupling etcd and ZooKeeper, to support etcd, ZooKeeper, and Consul).