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Roman Jaquez
Methuen, MA, United States


Dart, Flutter

My Biography

I'm Roman Jaquez. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. After high school, I migrated to the USA, and currently reside in Methuen, MA. I have 10+ years in the industry as a prolific full-stack, mobile and web developer, and on a continuous learning path and currently working as a Software Engineer in the medical field. I've developed dozens of mobile apps, as well as many published web apps and websites all over the web. I love writing blog posts on Medium about topics I'm passionate about in the field of software development, as well as publish videos on my Youtube where I share with the developer community my experiences developing and architecting modern applications. I speak at local developer meetups, evangelizing about technologies I'm passionate about and advocating for best practices in the tech industry, and just for sharing my experiences as a developer in the industry. I'm the Lead Organizer at a Google Developer Group based in Lawrence, MA where we engage with the local developer community, bringing the latest and greatest technologies from Google closer to them, ranging from Mobile Development in Flutter, Machine Learning, Web Apps, Cloud Development, etc.