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Jorge Coca
Chicago, IL, United States



My Biography

I am a Spanish engineer living in Chicago. I work at Very Good Ventures, where we help different companies around the world to jump into the Flutter wagon. Prior to that, I worked at BMW, in the mobile core team, developing the Connected experiences for BMW and MINI in Flutter. Prior to that, I was the Android lead for our native experiences. I love working with the community, and I have the pleasure of running the Chicago Flutter Meetup, where we work all together to build a welcoming environment for everyone interested in Flutter and Dart. Before joining BMW, I was working as a consultant for SPR, where I help different clients, such as Groupon, Orbitz (now Expedia), or Enova, to speed up their mobile teams and improve their coding practices. I have been speaking at multiple events, such as Droidcon NY, Android Summit, Windy City DevFest... and covered many different topics, from Flutter, Android, community participation... On a personal note, I will be getting married in April 2020, and I love playing all kinds of instruments, such as guitar, base, ukulele...