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Jeongkyu Shin
Seoul, Korea Republic of


Machine Learning (TensorFlow Core)

My Biography

Jeongkyu is the founder and CEO of Lablup Inc. He is known as the lead developer of the Textcube Project, which is a popular open-source web publishing platform in South Korea and the open-source codebase of and a part of As one of the Korea’s foremost experts on open-source projects, he has participated in many successful ventures for the past 19 years. He is also an actively working member of the Innovation Steering Board of the Northeast Asia Open Source Software Promotion Forum. He received his Ph.D in Statistical Physics from POSTECH in research on complex systems, agent-based models, and computational neuroscience. He led ML-based/open-source projects at several companies and labs, specifically, text classification, entropy-related information compression (for security), and contextual search. Since 2015, he has been developing Backend.AI, an open-source hyper-scalable AI R&D platform (