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Boris-Wilfried Nyasse
Montreal, QC, Canada


Dart, Flutter

My Biography

Dart Developer & Cloud/DevOps Consultant, I am above all passionate about tech, languages, infrastructure, and automation. As an agile developer, I enjoy my journey to ensure that the engineering trains run on time by creating an ideal environment for passionate people. My goal is just to inspire others to continuously improve and raise their standards at all levels of the team : follow best practices of software development. From the code analysis , testing and CI/CD knowledge. I am a passionate developer who loves to give back to the community through open source projects. I am lucky to be the founder and organizer of the Flutter Toulouse Meetup in France. I am providing some talks to GDG and DevFest event at Toulouse, Montpellier, London and Montreal. I am currently working as the North America Director of Stack Labs : a Google Cloud Premier Partner consulting firm company specialized in architecture and development of cloud solution. I enjoy my journey to work with customer Technical leads, client executives and partners to manage and deliver successful migrations to Google Cloud solutions. Some core responsibilities are to drive the strategy to recruit high performing talents, driving accountability with clear goals and objectives, evaluate, evolve, and scale the team to meet market demands. I am also sharing my passion for Dart & Flutter as the main Flutter technical trainer for AmbientIT, a professional training company.