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Ashwini Kumar
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India



My Biography

Ashwini has been building mobile apps especially Android for almost a decade encompassing domains like Games, Healthcare, Entertainment, FinTech, and more. He is currently working as Director of Software Engineering for apps at PayU Finance, a FinTech platform based out of Bangalore, India. The startups have nurtured him to not only move fast but also with high performance and quality. Firebase has played a critical role in his every career in app development. While working at Hotstar, it helped in launching the re-written new app to 100M users via Remote Config and A/B Testing, which got featured at Google IO, 2019 under "What's new in Firebase". #BuildingForIndia He strongly believes in code quality and the performance of the app. He believes that one grows and becomes a better version of him/herself every day. That's what drives him to look for ideas and improve upon them to get the best result. #PerfMatters He loves Open-Source and contributes a lot to the community through various channels Medium/Twitter/Github #BetterTogether. He bleeds green (Android) and likes to keep himself up-to-date with technology. In his leisure time, he reads a lot of articles, deep-dives into open-source code, listens to podcasts related to Design, Scalability, Performance and yes, plays board games like Among Us, Secret Hitler, Codenames with his friends :)