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Antón María Rodríguez Yuste
A Coruña, Spain


Google Cloud Platform (Data Analysis)

My Biography

I’m a Principal Software Engineer focused on Event Streaming and Stream Processing. I’ve experience working with different message brokers and event streaming platforms (Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, Google Pub/Sub) and stream processing frameworks (Flink, Kafka Streams, Spark Structured Streaming, Google Dataflow, etc.). During my career, I specialized in building internal SaaS in big corporations to make complex technologies easily used and adopted by teams so they can build solutions to real business use cases. From the very beginning, I can help with governance, operation, performance, adoption, training and any task related to system administration or backend development. I also like to organize technology events, groups and other activities including the Streaming Annotated Newsletter, co-organizer of the Vigo Java User Group (VigoJUG) since 2017, co-organizer of the Coruña Java User Group (CoruñaJUG) since 2018 and co-organizer of the LaretasGeek, a virtual panel and podcast about technology and culture. Sometimes I speak at international technology conferences as Geecon, JBCNConf, Greach, SpringIO, CommitConf, TADSummit, AtlánticaConf, LicorcaConf, CoimbraJUG, PosadaDev, etc.