Chrome Policy API Overview

The Chrome Policy API is a suite of services that empower Chrome administrators to programmatically view and manage Chrome policies assigned to the Organizational Units in their organization. With this API, Chrome admins can gain insights about how Chrome OS devices and Chrome browsers are being used in their organization.

Key advantages

  • Google Admin console compatibility: Changes you make with the API are reflected in Google Admin console UI, and vice versa.

  • Audit logging: Changes made with this API are logged in the standard Admin Audit logs.

  • Data-driven approach: Chrome policies are represented as data and aren't directly referenced by the API interface. This lets you automate API clients for consumption of future Chrome policies without additional development. Over time, the number of policies supported via API will increase.

  • Complements the Admin SDK API: This API complements the Admin SDK API, where Chrome admins can perform the following tasks:

The table below lists the top tasks you can complete with this API. To review example requests and responses, go to Code samples.

URLs are relative to$CUSTOMER.

Task description Relative URL HTTP method Request parameters
List policy schemas ./policySchemas GET Optional: filter, pageSize, pageToken
Get a policy schema ./policySchemas/$SCHEMA_NAME GET  
Get or list policies for an Organizational Unit ./policies:resolve POST Required: policySchemaFilter, policyTargetKey

Optional: pageSize, pageToken

Modify policies in an Organizational Unit ./policies/orgunits:batchModify POST Required: requests: {policyTargetKey, policyValue, updateMask}
Inherit policies in an Organizational Unit ./policies/orgunits:batchInherit POST Required: requests: {policyTargetKey, policySchema}
Upload files for a policy ./policies/files:uploadPolicyFile POST Required: requests: {policyField}

Usage limits

This API is only for use internally within a Chrome customer's organization. For more details, review the Chrome Policy API Terms of Service. To build a commercial API client in partnership with Google, submit a partner application.

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