Release notes

Release name Description of changes
2023_02_r2 Added support for:
  • chrome.networks.cellular namespace.
2023_02_r1 Changelog:
  • Added support for groups in chrome.printerservers namespace.
  • Refactored quotas (they should overall be higher for projects).
2023_01_r1 All policies containing NullableDuration fields are now deprecated in favor of V2 version which replaces the duration type with a numeric input. Refer to this example
2022_09_r2 Added support for:
  • chrome.networks.wifi namespace.
  • chrome.networks.ethernet namespace.
  • chrome.networks.vpns namespace.
  • chrome.networks.certificates namespace.
  • chrome.networks.globalsettings namespace.
2022_09_r1 Added support for groups in chrome.printers namespace.
2022_08_r1 Added support for:
  • Groups for chrome.users.apps namespace.
  • 3 policies in chrome.printservers namespace.
2022_02_r1 Added fields:
  • PolicySchema.policyApiLifecycle
  • ResolvedPolicy.addedSourceKey
2022_01_r1 Added support for:
  • 172 policies in chrome.devices.managedguest namespace.
2021_12_r1 Added support for:
  • 66 policies in chrome.devices namespace.
  • 24 policies in chrome.devices.kiosk namespace.
2021_08_r1 Added support for:
  • 8 policies in chrome.users.apps namespace.
  • 10 policies in chrome.users.appsconfig namespace.
  • 10 policies in chrome.devices.kiosk.apps namespace.
  • 1 policy in chrome.devices.kiosk.appsconfig namespace.
  • 8 policies in chrome.devices.managedguest.apps namespace.
2021_03_r1 Policy API launched. Included support for:
  • 3 policies in chrome.printers namespace.
  • 200+ policies in chrome.users namespace.