Data that describes the result of the HTTPS latency diagnostics routine, with the HTTPS requests issued to Google websites.

JSON representation
  "problem": enum (HttpsLatencyProblem),
  "latency": string

enum (HttpsLatencyProblem)

Output only. HTTPS latency routine problem if a problem occurred.


string (Duration format)

Output only. HTTPS latency if routine succeeded or failed because of HIGH_LATENCY or VERY_HIGH_LATENCY.

A duration in seconds with up to nine fractional digits, ending with 's'. Example: "3.5s".


HTTPS latency problems.

HTTPS_LATENCY_PROBLEM_UNSPECIFIED HTTPS latency problem not specified.
FAILED_DNS_RESOLUTIONS One or more DNS resolutions resulted in a failure.
FAILED_HTTPS_REQUESTS One or more HTTPS requests resulted in a failure.
HIGH_LATENCY Average HTTPS request latency time between 500ms and 1000ms is high.
VERY_HIGH_LATENCY Average HTTPS request latency time greater than 1000ms is very high.