User interface

The Android framework enables developers to create useful apps with effective user interface (UIs). Developers need to understand Android’s activities, views, and layouts to create appealing and intuitive UIs for their users.

To prepare for the Associate Android Developer certification exam, developers should:

  • Understand the Android activity lifecycle
  • Be able to create an Activity that displays a Layout
  • Be able to construct a UI with ConstraintLayout
  • Understand how to create a custom View class and add it to a Layout
  • Know how to implement a custom app theme
  • Be able to add accessibility hooks to a custom View
  • Know how to apply content descriptions to views for accessibility
  • Understand how to display items in a RecyclerView
  • Be able to bind local data to a RecyclerView list using the Paging library
  • Know how to implement menu-based navigation
  • Understand how to implement drawer navigation

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