GCKImage Class

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GCKImage Class Reference


A class that represents an image that is located on a web server.

Used for such things as GCKDevice icons and GCKMediaMetadata artwork.

Inherits NSObject, <NSCopying>, and <NSCoding>.

Instance Method Summary

(instancetype) - initWithURL:width:height:
 Constructs a new GCKImage with the given URL and dimensions. More...
(instancetype) - init
 Default initializer is not available. More...

Property Summary

 The image URL. More...
NSInteger width
 The image width, in pixels. More...
NSInteger height
 The image height, in pixels. More...

Method Detail

- (instancetype) initWithURL: (NSURL *)  URL
width: (NSInteger)  width
height: (NSInteger)  height 

Constructs a new GCKImage with the given URL and dimensions.

Designated initializer.

URLThe URL of the image.
widthThe width of the image, in pixels.
heightThe height of the image, in pixels.
NSInvalidArgumentExceptionif the URL is nil or empty, or the dimensions are invalid.
- (instancetype) init

Default initializer is not available.

Property Detail


The image URL.

- (NSInteger) width

The image width, in pixels.

- (NSInteger) height

The image height, in pixels.