Components are the building blocks for the visual design of the Android Automotive OS user interface.

The component sections of these guidelines show the anatomy and visual specs for each component, as well as the styles used in creating the component’s elements (typography, color, sizing, and so on).

A dedicated space for important app-related functions
Action affordances that communicate their purpose to the user
An expandable set of controls associated with a particular view
Cards featuring messages to users about timely or urgent information, sometimes with action options for responding
Scrollable arrays of images representing content items, with brief text beneath each image
Content displayed as lines of text (with optional small images or icons) in a single, scrollable column
A smaller version of the control bar available across multiple views, with minimal controls and metadata
A list tile that identifies a section of content in a grid or list view
A position indicator and navigational aid for situations where the document is larger than the window in which it's displayed
Buttons that always occur in groups and are dependent on each other’s state
Informational messages briefly displayed near the bottom of the screen