Adjusting settings

In the Settings overlay, users can choose their Dialer start screen and how their contacts are ordered.

Users access the Settings overlay from the Settings app control in the app bar (the gear icon). In addition to providing menu options for adjusting settings, the Settings overlay includes a back button to return users to their previous location in Dialer.

Choosing a start screen

When a user selects “Start screen” from the Settings overlay, a dialog presents the following options:

  • Recents
  • Contacts
  • Favorites
  • Dialpad
Selecting start screen
When the user selects one of these start screens, Dialer closes the dialog and returns to the Settings overlay

The next time the user starts Dialer, it displays the selected start screen.

Specifying list order for contacts

In the Contacts view, contacts are displayed in alphabetical order by first or last name. When a user selects “Contact order” from the Settings overlay, a dialog lets them choose which they prefer.

Selecting contact list order
When the user selects an option from the “Contact order” dialog, Dialer closes the dialog and returns the user to the Settings overlay