Navigating the app

Users navigate to the main views and activities in Dialer using the app bar at the top of the screen.

Dialer navigation, switching tabs
Users can navigate among views such as Recents and Contacts using tabs on the app bar, which also includes controls for search and settings

App bar elements

App-bar tab or control What it lets users do
Recents Review and return recent phone calls
Contacts Browse contacts and place calls
Favorites Access favorite contacts quickly and call them
Dialpad Enter phone numbers to place calls
Search (magnifying glass icon) Search for a specific contact
Settings (gear icon) Choose preferred start screen and contact order (first or last name)

When a user selects a tab, the destination reflects the user's previous interaction with that view. For example, if a list of contacts was previously scrolled during the app session, the scroll position is retained when the user returns to that tab.

In the Recents and Contacts views, users can navigate to a lower-level detail view for each contact, as described in Navigating contact details. In detail view, the app bar is replaced by an app header with a back button for returning to the top-level view.