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What can I do with Conversational Actions until the turndown date?

Can I create new Conversational Actions? Can I update, download, delete, and/or deploy my existing Conversational Action?

Yes - until the turndown in June 2023.

Can I still build Conversational Actions with Dialogflow?

You can continue building, editing, and deploying Conversational Actions with Dialogflow until the turndown date.

Will Transactions continue to be supported for Conversational Actions until the turndown date?

You can continue to offer Transactions within your Conversational Action via either the Transactions API or the Digital Purchases API in the countries where Transactions are supported until the turndown date.

What will happen to Conversational Actions at the turndown date?

Do I have to delete my Action after the turndown?

No. Conversational Actions will no longer be available for you or your users after the turndown date.

What will happen to my Conversational Action’s content?

Your project will be accessible in the Actions console until June 2023. You can download your project via the Actions SDK. For instructions, see Download Actions from Actions console.

Will Conversational Actions continue to be available on all supported devices (speakers, smart displays, mobile etc)?

Yes. They will be available on all supported devices until June 2023.

How will my users be informed of the turndown?

As it gets close to the sunset, users invoking your Action will be informed that Google is deprecating all Conversational Actions. After June 2023, Google will handle user queries and provide an appropriate experience.

If I build for another development path, can I use the same Conversational Action name?

Conversational Action names will not be reserved for other types of Actions. You can use the same name for other Actions and your Android app if it is available.

Is there a migration path/guide?

Visit our Best Practices guide for details on several migration options, including example user messaging. You can also download your Conversational Action via the Actions SDK to preserve your content (see the gactions user guide to learn how).

For alternative ways to build for Assistant, see What will happen to non-Conversational Action development paths?

I have a smart home Action. Is this affected?

If your smart home Action is built with the smart home API and integrated with Home Graph, then your Action is unaffected by the turndown. If your smart home Action was built as a Conversational Action, it is affected by this turndown. You should have been contacted by our smart home team about a migration path.

I have an App Action. Is this affected?

No, it is not affected. For more information, see the App Actions section.

What will happen to the Assistant Directory after sunset?

The Assistant Directory will be removed.

What does it mean when we say “Google may provide a Text-To-Speech (TTS) notice”?

During contextually relevant times, Assistant will provide the Text-To-Speech Notice to users before the handoff to the Converational Action. Assistant will be managing the number of times the Text-To-Speech Notice will be given to the user, limiting it to a handful of times a week.