The Assistant Accessories platform provides solutions for device manufacturers to create accessory devices that are optimized for interacting with the Google Assistant.

Accessory devices are not capable of independently interacting with the Assistant. Instead, they are paired or connected to another Assistant built-in device to improve the user's interaction with the Assistant. For example, a USB-C headset (the accessory device) would typically interact with the Assistant app on an Assistant built-in device such as an Android mobile phone.

Supported accessory types

The Assistant Accessories platform supports Bluetooth and USB-C accessory devices.

Bluetooth devices

The Assistant Accessories platform supports Bluetooth devices. The best Assistant user experience comes from a full integration with the Assistant Accessories platform , which enables minimal latency interactions and advanced features such as "Hey Google" hotword support. Full integrations are only available to Google partners. To inquire about becoming a partner, email bisto-intake@google.com.

Even if you are not performing a full integration, any Bluetooth accessory can be tuned to provide better support for the Google Assistant experience. For more information, see Voice activation optimization.

USB-C devices

Assistant USB-C accessory devices improve the mobile Assistant experience and provide the same benefits as Bluetooth devices. However, USB-C devices enable lower latency voice interactions.

USB-C devices are compatible with Android devices running Android P (9.0) or later.

For more information, see the Overview.