Unavoidable discrepancies

There are several unavoidable factors that result in reasonable levels of discrepancies between AdWords install and in-app conversion numbers versus those tracked by a third party.

  • AdWords measures Android installs while third parties can only measure Android app opens.
  • There might be time zone differences in reporting. Google uses the local time as set in the advertiser's account.
  • AdWords reports conversions back to the day of the ad click, not the day of the conversion event.
  • Delays in AdWords conversion reporting (up to 24 hours).

Troubleshooting discrepancies

Third-party reporting shows fewer conversions than AdWords

  • Confirm that the advertiser is using required tracking URLs for all their destination URLs.
  • iOS: Confirm that the advertiser has added your install confirmation template to the Advanced Options of the conversion in AdWords, and that it is accurate.
  • Android: Make sure that the developer doesn't have multiple install referrer receivers in their Android manifest. If so, Google Play will only broadcast to the first receiver.

Third-party reporting shows more conversions than AdWords

  • Ensure that only trackable AdWords inventory is being compared.
  • iOS: Confirm that all conversion events are being posted back to AdWords.
  • iOS: Make sure that postbacks are configured with the correct AdWords conversion ID and label.
  • Android: Ensure that auto-tagging is enabled in the advertiser's AdWords account.
  • Android: Confirm that the redirect is passing through all referrer parameters to Google Play.