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This page describes the requirements for developing an Android Enterprise solution and releasing your solution in a production environment.

1. Join Google's EMM Community

The first step to releasing a production Android Enterprise solution is to join Google’s EMM community.

You can start using the Android Management API under its default usage limits. To receive support from the EMM community, fill out the Android Management API interest form.

If you want to develop your own DPC and use the Google Play EMM API to support enterprise enrollment and app management, follow the steps in Register for the EMM Community.

2. Develop your solution

All Android EMM solutions made publicly available must support a minimum set of features. Android Enterprise features are organized into four distinct use cases, called solution sets. To pass product review, your EMM solution must support all the required features of at least one solution set.

Solution set Android version Use case
Work profile 5.1+ Employee-owned (BYOD)
Fully managed device 6.0+ Company-owned devices for knowledge workers
Dedicated device 5.1+ Company-owned dedicated or shared-use devices
Mobile application management (MAM) Android 5.0 and below Legacy devices that don't support work profiles

To view a complete list of all Android Enterprise features, see the feature list.

3. Pass product review

After successfully registering with Google's EMM Community, EMMs have 180 days to develop their solution, pass a product review, and make their solution generally available in a production environment. The product review validates whether the EMM's solution meets the requirements of at least one solution set.

If an EMM fails to pass product review within 180 days of joining the EMM community, access to Android's Enterprise's services will be revoked. Access may also be revoked if an EMM attempts to use Androids Enterprise's services in a production environment before passing a product review.

Maintaining compatibility

Feature requirements are subject to change at any time. When changes are published, approved EMMs must implement any resulting changes (as per the requirements outlined in Deploy your solution within 180 days to retain access to Android Enterprise's services.

4. Deploy your solution

After passing product review, EMMs must make the features of their approved solution sets available to customers as a cloud-based and/or on-premises solution.

  • This production launch must be made available to all prospective and current customers to purchase and deploy.
  • The mandatory features for the chosen solution set must be available to customers.
  • (Custom DPC only) The EMM’s DPC(s) must be in the public Google Play store and signed with a production certificate.

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