Resources for OEMs and carriers

This page lists some resources for OEMs and carriers who create solutions for enterprise customers.

Device compatibility

To natively support Android enterprise, devices need to support work profiles that keep corporate employer data separate from personal user information. To learn about the many features in Android 5.0 (and higher) that need to be enabled and validated on devices to make them ready for device-owner user cases and profile-owner user cases, see Implementing Device Administration.

The Android DevicePolicyManager APIs let you programmatically include app restrictions on a device, silently install certificates, set up cross-profile sharing intent access control, and more. For details, see Employing Managed Profiles.

To learn more about source code and device compatibility, visit the Android Open Source Project.

To learn how apps handle and understand multiple distinct users, see Building Multiuser-Aware Apps.

For more about work profiles, see Building Apps for Android Enterprise.

Device deployment

To learn how to deploy devices to corporate users, see Provisioning for Device Administration.


To learn about tools for testing work profiles and device owner support, see Setting Up Device Testing.

To test work-profile creation without a third-party EMM, use Test DPC, our sample device policy controller. (Test DPC is also available in Google Play.)