Google Play EMM API Client Library for Python

This page contains information about getting started with the Google Play EMM API by using the Google API Client Library for Python. For more information, see the following documentation:

System requirements

Install the client library

You can either use a package manager or manually download and install the Python client library:

Managed install

Use pip or setuptools to manage your installation. You might need to run sudo first.

  • pip (preferred):
    pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client
  • Setuptools:
    easy_install --upgrade google-api-python-client

Manual install

  1. Download the latest client library for Python.
  2. Unpack the code.
  3. Install:
    python install

App Engine

Because the Python client libraries aren't installed in the App Engine Python runtime environment, you must copy them into your application just like third-party libraries.