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Update apps

An app can receive updates if it's installed on a user’s device and is available according to the Device's policy. If an app is removed from the Device's policy, this device will no longer receive updates for that app.

On-device update settings

You can enforce the update preference by setting policy.autoUpdatePolicy in the Device's policy.

If you set policy.autoUpdatePolicy to choiceToTheUser or leave it unset, then the device user can set update preferences for their apps from the managed Google Play app. The recommendation is for users to leave auto updates enabled for all their apps. Note that devices check for auto updates daily. Because auto updates are optimized for battery life, data usage, and user experience, it can take up to a few days for a device to receive an update automatically.

Push updates immediately

If an update to an app is urgent, you can push the update by setting policy.productPolicy[].autoInstallPolicy.minimumVersionCode in the Device's policy. If the installed version has a version code lower than the version code in the policy, an update to the latest version will be triggered immediately.