User Timings - Android SDK

This developer guide describes how to measure user timings with the Google Analytics SDK for Android v3.


Measuring user timings provides a native way to measure a period of time in Google Analytics. This can be useful to measure resource load times, for example.

User timings have the following fields:

Field Name Tracker Field Type Required Description
Category Fields.TIMING_CATEGORY String Yes The category of the timed event
Value Fields.TIMING_VALUE long Yes The timing measurement in milliseconds
Name Fields.TIMING_VAR String Yes The name of the timed event
Label Fields.TIMING_LABEL String No The label of the timed event

User timing data can be found primarily in the App Speed User Timings report.


To send a user timing to Google Analytics, build a timing hit using MapBuilder.createTiming(), then send it using send():

 * Called after a list of high scores finishes loading.
 * @param loadTime The time it takes, in milliseconds, to load a resource.
public void onLoad(long loadTime) {

  // May return null if EasyTracker has not been initialized with a property
  // ID.
  Tracker easyTracker = EasyTracker.getInstance(this);

      .createTiming("resources",    // Timing category (required)
                    loadTime,       // Timing interval in milliseconds (required)
                    "high scores",  // Timing name
                    null)           // Timing label