User Timings - Android SDK v2 (Legacy)

This document provides an overview of measuring user timings using the Google Analytics SDK for Android v2.


Measuring user timings provides a native way to measure a period of time in Google Analytics. This can be useful to measure resource load times, for example.

A timing in Google Analytics consists of the following fields:

  • String Category - the category of the timed event
  • long Interval - the timing measurement in milliseconds
  • String (Optional) Name - the name of the timed event
  • String (Optional) Label - the label of the timed event

User timing data can be found primarily in the User Timings report.


To send a user timing to Google Analytics, call sendTiming() and provide the timing interval as well as a category. In the following example, we assume that onLoad() is called after some resource finishes loading, in this case a list of high scores for a game:

public void onLoad(long loadTime) {
  // Where myTracker is an instance of Tracker.
  myTracker.sendTiming(loadTime, "resources", "high_scores", null);
  ... // The rest of your onLoad code.