Email Migration API: Get Started

This documentation is intended for developers who want to write client applications to allow account administrators, delegated administrators, reseller administrators, or with permission, account users to migrate email into their Google Apps mailboxes.

As compared to Email Migration API v1, Email Migration API v2 includes support for delegated administrators and authorized resellers, better error handling, OAuth 2.0 authorization support, media uploads, and integration into the Google APIs Console for better application management.

Developer's guides

To get up and running follow the instructions in:

Presents the basic migration workflow and key email migration concepts.
Get an account, learn about the product, and create a project in the Google APIs Console.
Authorize requests
Set up your client application's authorization.
Migrate Email Messages
Understand how to pull all of this together and to manage your client's media upload requests.

API Reference

To understand the details on writing client applications that can migrate email into Google Apps mailboxes, see the API Reference.

API resources

For more API information, see the API Issue Tracker, the API experts' blog, and Google Apps administraton help center.