Active View 衡量

The IMA SDK must be able to tell when ads are visible to users so that it can send the correct signals back to the ad server. IMA uses Active View reporting to measure the viewability of ads. This guide explains how Active View reporting works with IMA, as well as how to verify that the SDK is able to correctly capture viewability signals.

How Active View reporting works with the IMA SDK

  1. The publisher designates a video element when creating the StreamManager.

  2. As long as the video element is viewable and unobstructed when the StreamRequest is made, Active View receives measurements on that element.

Verifying that the SDK can measure ad viewability

To check whether that the SDK is able to capture viewability signals, look for instances of active_view_vide_measurable_impression in the HTTP requests and check for the mtos parameter. For more information, see Monitor Active View measurement.

The following sample stream is available for viewability testing:

CMS ID: "2556080", video ID: "tears-of-steel-omid"

To test using this stream, first check the network logs for ima-test-verification.js to be downloaded and then a ping fired to at the start of ad playback.