Ordering E2E Integration Policies

The following integration policies apply to the Ordering E2E integration.

Ordering End-to-End Policies

This section outlines the requirements to be an Ordering End-to-End Partner.

Google reserves the right to update these policies and requirements from time to time and will provide Partners with notice via release notes as changes are made. Partners have 30 days from posted date to comply with changes.


You must provide reliable and complete contact information including name, address, phone number, email address, and registry information as may be required by certain regulations.

Restriction, suspension, and termination

We reserve the right to restrict, suspend or, in some instances, terminate a Partner's access to our services for violations of our policies regarding their content, advertising content, or any other conduct that results in a policy violation. We may also limit the discoverability of a Partner’s Order with Google integration if it is low quality (such as failing to gracefully handle user queries), unhealthy (such as crashing or exiting unexpectedly), limited in purpose (only useful to a small set of users), or contains content that is inappropriate for most audiences including failure to adhere to minimum age requirements. We will terminate an individual, related, or partner account for repeat or serious violations of our policies. Further, if we receive a request from a merchant to be removed from our platform we will provide them with an opt-out where the Partner is also notified.

Partner requirements

1. Licensed Content

Partner's feed of Licensed Content must include the data identified in the Food Catalog Specification.

Food Catalog Specification: The technical data feed specifications made available by Google to Partner under this Agreement ("Food Catalog Specifications").

  • Per Restaurant
    • Business listing information
    • Menu data
    • Service area polygons

2. Google APIs

Ordering End-to-End API: An API that facilitates end-to-end food ordering by:

  • Providing food ordering transaction and order support, including specific request & response formats for checkout, order submission, order update
  • Integrating with the Partner's payment processor to facilitate payments via Google Pay; and
  • Providing transaction and order support.

Licensed content delivery and feed specifications

  1. Partners will create a Licensed Content data feed to deliver Licensed Content to Google, according to and in compliance with the Food Catalog Specifications.
    • Any entities in feed that do not meet the technical specs and/or legal policies will be rejected.
      • Feeds must be under 200MB
    • HTTPS is strongly preferred
  2. Partner will provide Google with an "initial delivery" of all the content listed in the associated technical specs within 30 days after the Effective Date of the partnership agreement (or as otherwise agreed to by the parties in writing).
  3. Partner is responsible for keeping the Food Catalog content current, and will use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize latency.
    • Feed errors will be exposed in the Actions Center.
      • The Partner must resolve the issue in 3 business days, at which point inventory would be deemed stale and no longer be served.
  4. Partner will use commercially reasonable efforts to automatically provide updates at least hourly.
    • Partner system must be responsive to API requests 24 hours a day, or will be at risk for deactivation.
      • If API is down for 1 hour (fails health checks) or fails to respond for 5+ consecutive requests, we will disable the agent.
  5. Partner and Google will work together in good faith to identify quality and latency thresholds that could affect the quality and real-time accuracy of the Licensed Content.
    • Partners are expected to handle requests in <8 seconds; higher latency may affect ranking or ultimately lead to deactivation.
      • Performance: API should respond consistently within 5 secs on average and 99th percentile latency not exceeding 8s.

Ordering End-to-End transaction policies

When you participate in Ordering End-to-End, you assume responsibility for the fulfillment of orders. The following is required:

  • You must fulfill a minimum of 95% of your orders.
  • You need to provide and maintain the most updated version of your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Google requires user consent to these to complete a food order.
  • You must provide a phone number or email, or both, for customer support.
  • We may require that you complete a security assessment questionnaire prior to onboarding. Please contact your Google partnerships representative if you're unsure whether or not this is required.
  • You must implement all of the required methods and parameters, including proper order handling and acknowledgements, and don’t create duplicate orders.
  • You must provide accurate and timely information, including prices, and descriptions.
  • You must provide your own customer service, and provide a customer service contact phone number and/or email address.
  • You may only use personal information obtained via the conversational interface to facilitate that transaction, including sending receipts, confirmations, and updates. You must independently obtain the user’s consent (via an opt-in) to use that information for any other purpose, including marketing, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  • You must implement all required callback APIs related to providing transaction status updates within the specified time periods, and any follow-up actions.
  • You must provide an accurate and itemized receipt to all users by email and correctly set all related parameters for transactions where money is exchanged.


If your integration with Ordering End-to-End has violated any of our policies, we may take one or more enforcement actions against your integration or your developer account, as outlined below. In addition, we’ll notify you with relevant information about the enforcement action we’ve taken, along with instructions on how to appeal if you believe we’ve taken enforcement action in error.

Please note that removal or administrative notices may not indicate each and every policy violation present in your integration. Developers are responsible for addressing any policy issue and conducting extra due diligence to ensure that the remainder of their integration to Ordering End-to-End is fully policy compliant. Failure to address policy violations may result in additional enforcement actions, including permanent removal of your integration or account termination.

Repeated or serious violations (such as malware and fraud) of the terms of service or policies for Ordering End-to-End may result in termination of individual or related Ordering End-to-End developer accounts.


  • Your integration with Ordering End-to-End are removed from Google products and services and will no longer be available to users in any locale.
  • Because your integration is removed, users will not be able to see or place a Food Order through you or your Service Providers.. Your integration will be restored once you submit a policy-compliant update for the removed integration.
  • Removals don’t immediately impact the standing of your Ordering End-to-End Developer account.

Account termination

  • When your developer account is terminated, all integrations under your account will be removed from Google products and services and you will no longer be able to publish new integrations. This also means that any related Google developer accounts will also be permanently suspended.
  • Multiple suspensions or suspensions for egregious policy violations may also result in the termination of your Ordering End-to-End account.

Appealing an enforcement action

We will reinstate your integration if an error was made and we find that your integration does not violate the terms of service and policies for Ordering End-to-End. If you’ve reviewed the policies carefully and feel that our enforcement action may have been in error, please follow the instructions provided in our notice to you to appeal our decision.

If you wish to file a complaint about your Ordering End-to-End integration, or the service you have received, you may file it using the complaint form.

If you filed a complaint with the Ordering End-to-End program, and you are unsatisfied with the resolution, you may file an appeal using the appeal form.



Last modified 02/08/2022

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