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Branding guidelines for the Google Profile button

Thanks for your interest in adding a Google Profile button to your website or application. This document outlines the various ways you can use the Google Profile name, logo, and icon without having to have your people call our people.

Google Profile buttons are available if you are looking for a simple way to connect any given page to an author’s Google Profile to help users find your content. You do not need pre-approval to use the Google Profile button or to promote Google Profiles on your site using the provided button. Use of Google brands in ways not covered by this document is not allowed without prior written consent from Google (see the Guidelines for Third Party Use of Google Brand Features for more information).

Using Google Profile buttons


  • Use unique branding and logos on your website.
  • Use the provided buttons to allow people to connect any given page to an author’s Google Profile to help users find your content. Just copy and paste the button code and add it to your site. See our Google Profile button code generator for more info.
    Google profile button example
  • Make sure buttons are fully and clearly visible.


  • Modify or distort the Google Profile button in any way.
    Google profile button with X through it
  • Create or use buttons not provided by Google.
  • Use the buttons in ways that imply an association with or endorsement by Google of your editorial content, product, service, event, or organization.
  • Use the button to link to a Profile that violates our community standards.

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