Google+ Scopes Shutdown

Legacy Google+ APIs have been shut down as of March 7, 2019. Scopes previously requested by your apps may now be deprecated or invalid. Developers should update their code to remove or update references to Google+, Google+ APIs, and any related OAuth scopes.

With this change, scopes that have Google+ names and which are primarily related to Sign-In, People APIs, or misnamed scopes unrelated to Google+ functionality will continue to be recognized, though they will be mapped to their canonical scope names. All other requested Google+ named scopes will be ignored.

You should update your app to only use the recommended scopes. For example, when:

  • making OAuth requests
  • checking for scopes granted as a result of an authorization request
  • debugging a token using the tokeninfo endpoint

Apps that do not update to the latest scopes will experience the following behavior:

Token request or token introspection Behavior
Google+ named scopes that have a non-Google+ canonical scope Request will succeed but the scopes associated with the token will be the canonical scope, not the Google+ named scope. If your app is checking the token for the presence of a Google+ named scope, your check may fail.
Google+ and non-Google+ scopes together Request will succeed, but only non-Google+ scopes (after mapping to a possible canonical scope) will be contained in the token.
Google+ scopes with no replacement only Error as there are no valid scopes contained in the request.

If you use software libraries or SDKs to access Google Account data we recommend updating to the latest versions of the software when available. Please contact your software provider to confirm software used by your website or application is not impacted by the Google+ shutdown if you are unsure.

Please examine your site or app's code for impacted Google+ named scopes and make changes as outlined below.

Identity scopes

Replace any base identity scopes specific to Google+ with their OpenID Connect equivalents.

Deprecated Scope Canonical scope Recommended replacement scope openid openid profile profile

Information about a profile and people

Replace scopes requesting non-public profile data with the People API equivalents.

Deprecated Scope Canonical scope Recommended replacement scope email or

Manage a business listing

Replace scopes used to manage business listings with the latest Google My Business scope.

Deprecated Scope Canonical scope Recommended replacement scope

Scopes with no replacement

The following scopes are specific to functionality provided by Google+ and have no replacement.

Deprecated Scope