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YouTube API v1.0 Deprecation Notice

Note: YouTube API version 1.0 has been officially deprecated. Per the YouTube API deprecation policy, detailed in our Terms of Service, we supported API v1.0 for more than three years following the launch of API version 2.0.

Please use the links below to find instructions for migrating your application to use API version 2.0 or higher.

Useful resources for migrating your application

  • The migration guide highlights some of the major differences between API versions 1.0 and 2.0. The guide also explains how you would need to modify your application to account for those differences.

  • The revision history for the API version 2.0 documentation lists numerous other features, which are not mentioned in the migration guide, that have been added to the API since that guide was written. These features include additional search query parameters (such as 3d and hd), feeds (such as live events feeds), and other features (such as partial responses).

  • The Developer's Guide and the Reference Guide for API version 2.0 explain all of the features available in the API.

  • The client library guides explain how to use one of several libraries to develop your applications: