What is the YouTube Content ID API?

Note: The YouTube Content ID API is intended for use by YouTube content partners and is not accessible to all developers or to all YouTube users. If you do not see the YouTube Content ID API as one of the services listed in the Google API Console, see the YouTube Help Center to learn more about the YouTube Partner Program.

The YouTube Content ID API lets developers build applications that interact directly with YouTube's rights management system. The system, which has an online interface at studio.youtube.com, enables content owners and administrators to provide YouTube with metadata, ownership information, and policy information for their assets.

As a YouTube partner, you can use the API to create new assets and manage existing assets. You can also retrieve information about your Content Manager account, including a list of saved policies that you can apply to your claimed content.

In addition, by combining the YouTube Content ID API with the YouTube Data API and YouTube Player APIs, you can enable your application to also upload, manage, and play YouTube videos.

Flexible and functional. The list below shows some ways to use the YouTube Content ID API in your application:

  • Manage Content Manager users.
  • Upload content references.
  • Claim content and manage assets.

Develop in the language of your choice. The YouTube Content ID API is supported by all popular programming languages, including Java, PHP, Python, .NET, Perl, Ruby, and JavaScript.

How do I start?