Google Workspace APIs

Our REST APIs let your app integrate with users' mail, calendars, contacts, and other Google Workspace data.

The most popular Google Workspace APIs are summarized in the table below.

API Links Capabilities
Calendar Documentation - Quickstart Create new events in a user's Google Calendar, edit or delete existing events, and search for events.
Classroom Documentation - Quickstart Create and manage nearly every aspect of a user's Google Classroom course, including rosters, assignments, invitations, and more.
Docs Documentation - Quickstart Create, update, and manage a user's Google Docs, including their content, formatting, and more.
Drive Documentation - Quickstart Interact with nearly any aspect of a user's Google Drive, including permissions, file revisions, and connected apps.
Gmail Documentation - Quickstart Read messages from Gmail, send email, modify the labels applied to messages and thread, and search through existing mail.
Sheets Documentation - Quickstart Create and manage nearly every aspect of Google Sheets data, including the content, arrangement and appearance.
Slides Documentation - Quickstart Access and update presentations programmatically, to integrate data from external sources and generate presentations automatically.
Tasks Documentation - Quickstart Manage a user's Google Tasks list, which can be seen in Gmail, Google Calendar, and elsewhere.

The APIs listed above are the most widely used Google Workspace APIs, but there are many more, and other ways to integrate with Google Workspace.

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