Add-ons overview

Add-ons are customized applications that extend Google Workspace applications.

Add new capabilities to Google Workspace

Add-ons can help automate tasks or make third-party services or information available in Google Workspace. With add-ons, you can do the following:

  • Create customized user interfaces that are directly integrated into Google Workspace applications. These interfaces can display information to the user and provide user controls.
  • Boost workflow efficiency when working with Google Workspace by automating or streamlining tasks.
  • Control and move data between Google applications.
  • Remove the need for browser switching by providing the user everything they need within Google Workspace.
  • Connect to non-Google services within Google Workspace applications, letting you retrieve or upload data from those services into and from Google Workspace.

Types of add-ons

There are two types of add-ons you can build: Google Workspace Add-ons and Editor Add-ons. For more information about each, see Add-on types.

Google Workspace Add-ons API

With the Google Workspace Add-ons API, you can:

  • Automate testing and deployments.
  • Perform background tasks using your add-on's hosting service.
  • Create and manage deployments with command-line tools.
  • Manage deployment permissions for service accounts or regular users with granular Cloud IAM permissions.

For more information about the Google Workspace Add-ons API, see the Reference documentation.

Try a quickstart

To quickly see how building an add-on works, try a quickstart:

Want to see Google Workspace Add-ons in action?
The Google Workspace Developers channel offers videos about tips, tricks, and the latest features.