About the Waze Audio Kit

Be the soundtrack for every drive. Partner with Waze to seamlessly put your music, podcasts, news and audiobooks on the road with millions of drivers.

With the Waze Audio Kit, you can integrate your app with the Waze Audio Player and grow your users’ listening hours. The Waze Audio Kit has everything you need to integrate your app into Waze including package info, logos, support and more - so setup is a breeze.

This section describes the Waze Audio Kit. You must be a partner in order to download the Audio Kit. If you are already a partner, you can continue to the Waze Audio Kit documentation.

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The Waze Audio Kit capabilities:

  • A continuous listening experience: Keep your audience engaged on commutes, long hauls and anywhere in between.
  • Safer driving - in your app and ours: Listeners can stream your music from Waze, or get turn-by-turn directions in your app. It’s a true partnership that benefits your listener.
  • More exciting ways to deliver content: Create playlists, recommendations, and more for your listeners- no matter where they’re going.

Technical requirements

The Waze Audio Kit has the following technical requirements:

OS version Waze version
Android 5.0 4.45
iOS 9.0 4.45